Gun War, noun phrase

Also with small initials.
The war of 1880–81 which resulted from the Cape government’s attempt to disarm the Basotho.
[1893 H.B. Sidwell Story of S. Afr. 118The War of the Guns...The Basutos..felt as a bitter insult the demand of the Colonial Government to give up their guns, in 1880. They refused to obey, and war followed.]
1903 E.F. Knight S. Afr. after War 67The Basutos firmly believe..that Mr. Sauer was their secret friend during ‘the gun war,’ and they are not ungrateful for his services.
1948 E. Rosenthal Afr. Switzerland 188When the ‘Gun War’ began in 1880 more than 4 000 Basuto disappeared overnight and many workings came to a stop on this account.
1972 J.A. Benyon in Dict. of S. Afr. Biography II. 699The Gun War..cost the colony £3 000 000 and eventually ended in the complete collapse of Cape authority in Basutoland. In 1884 the Cape was obliged to return the territory to the imperial government.
1977 F.G. Butler Karoo Morning 205Chrissie..came from north of the Orange River into the old Colony in search of safety, then food, then cash to buy cattle, then guns (until the ‘Gun War’).
1980 C. Murray in S. Afr. Labour Bulletin 6The Gun which the Basotho successfully resisted the Cape Government’s attempt to disarm them.
1986 P. Maylam Hist. of Afr. People 117The rebellion came to be called the Gun War because it was seemingly provoked by the Cape government’s attempts to disarm the southern Basotho...In military and political terms the Gun War represented one of the few successful acts of African resistance against colonial rule to occur in southern Africa.
1987 New Nation 6 Aug. 9Ntoa ya Lithunya, the Gun War, was fought from September 1880 to April 1881.
1989 Reader’s Digest Illust. Hist. of S. Afr. 193 (caption)Cape troops march into Basutoland in a bid to disarm Basotho during the so-called ‘Gun War’ of 1880–81.
The war of 1880–81 which resulted from the Cape government’s attempt to disarm the Basotho.
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