Goringhaikona, noun

Also Goringaycona, Goringhaicona.
unchanged, or Goringhaikonas.
KhoikhoiShow more Khoikhoi; see quotation 1880.
strandloper sense 2 a.
The Goringhaikona were occasionally confused with the Goringhaiqua.
1670 [see Cochoqua].
1880 Cape Monthly Mag. II. 141Goringhaikona meant simply ‘the small tribe living by the water;’ Gorachouqua, the people whose chief was Gora or Chora.
1912 Cape Archives in I.D. Colvin Cape of Adventure 221‘Goringaycona,’ Caapmen.
1967 R. Raven-Hart Before Van Riebeeck 199Watermen...They were the ‘Strandlopers’ of the Dutch period, or ‘Goringhaiconas’, with ‘Herry’ (Hadah) as their Chief.
1968 E.A. Walker Hist. of Sn Afr. 36Van Riebeeck found three clans wandering with their sheep and cattle in and about the Cape Peninsula: Herry’s Strandloopers or, to give them their full title, Goringhaikonas, a mere eighteen strong; the Kaapmen or Goringhaikuas, some 600 warriors in all, and the Koras, Gorachouquas or tobacco-thieves, 300 fighting men all told.
1989 Reader’s Digest Illust. Hist. of S. Afr. 44The first Khoikhoi whom the new settlers encountered were the Goringhaicona — the Strandlopers. Also living on or near the Cape Peninsula were the Gorachouqua and the Goringhaiqua.
strandloper2 a.
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