gli, noun

The tuberous plant Peucedanum gummiferum of the Apiaceae; moer noun1 sense 1 a. Also attributive.
1796 C.R. Hopson tr. of C.P. Thunberg’s Trav. II. 31Gli is, in the Hottentot language, the name of an umbelliferous plant, the root of which, dried and reduced to powder, they mix with cold water and honey in a trough, and after letting it ferment for the space of one night, obtain a species of Mead.
1868 W.H. Harvey Genera of S. Afr. Plants 141G[lia] gummifera,..the only species, grows in many places in the Western districts; it is the gli of the Hottentots, who prepare from its roots an inebriating drink.
1913 C. Pettman Africanderisms 189Gli,..Glia gummifera. From the roots of this plant the Hottentots prepare an intoxicating drink.
1966 C.A. Smith Common Names 230Gli(wortel), Glia gummifera...Rootstock an elongated tuber.
1976 A.P. Brink Instant in Wind 74There were no fires as before, no noise of homing cattle, children screaming, the shrill voices of women, the darker merriment of the men gathered round the gli-root calabashes.
The tuberous plant Peucedanum gummiferum of the Apiaceae; moernoun1 a. Also attributive.

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