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gentoo, noun

djentoe, jentoeShow more Also djentoe, jentoe, jintoe, jintoo, and with initial capital.
Named for the Gentoo, a ship which arrived at Cape Town in the mid-19th century with a group of women passengers who became prostitutes; the countries of origin of the women and the ship, and the circumstances of their arrival at the Cape, are obscure and in dispute (see quotations).
derogatory, slang
Not in polite use In Cape Town: a prostitute; a woman of loose morals. Also attributive.
1934 G.G. Munnik Mem. of Senator 20The British authorities..engaged about forty-six young girls [as servants]..and sent them out to the Cape in an East Indiaman named the Gentoo. On arrival..these girls were hired..in the fashionable suburbs...They..drifted into Cape Town, and there practised the oldest profession in the world...Even now girls who practise the same profession are still known in Cape Town amongst the Malays and coloured people as ‘Gentoos’, and the places where they live are called Gentoo houses.
[1992 Sn Afr.-Irish Studies 2 271In November 1850 the association for the promotion of female emigration sent 46 single Irish women to the Cape on the Gentoo. Their arrival..was followed by a great storm of moral indignation when it was discovered that..the girls had been allowed to mix freely with the men on board and ‘gross improprieties’ had taken place.]
In Cape Town: a prostitute; a woman of loose morals. Also attributive.

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