Gcaleka, noun

Galaka, GalecaShow more Also Galaka, Galeca, Galeka.
Gcalekas, amagcaleka, or unchanged; occasionally Amacaleka, Amacalekas, Amagcalekas.
Name of the Xhosa chief Gcaleka (c1730–1778); for an explanation of plural forms, see ama-.
1. A member of a people forming one of the major divisions of the Xhosa. Also attributive. See also Xhosa noun sense 1 a. Cf. Rharhabe sense a.
See note at Rharhabe.
1809 R. Collins in G.M. Theal Rec. of Cape Col. (1900) VII. 20There people are called Mandankees from the name of their founder. Hinsa’s subjects are,..from the same reason, called Galekas.
1846 Natal Witness 12 JuneA party of the Amacaleka (Hintza’s people)..have sustained severe loss, and we hear the Amacalekas are fleeing.
1846 I. Reid in Imp. Blue Bks Command Paper 786–1847, 88I received letters from my son..at Luponda,..informing me of the commencement of hostilities between the Tambookies and Galakas.
1852 M.B. Hudson S. Afr. Frontier Life p.xiiPassing over British Kaffraria, we come to the River Kei, beyond which is the territory of the Amagalekas.
1853 F.P. Fleming Kaffraria 92The nose also varies in form — in the T’Slambie tribes, being broader and more of the Negro shape, than in the Gaikas or Galekas.
1860 W. Shaw Story of my Mission 491These strangers..had..attacked some of the more advanced Amagcaleka.
1879 G.C. Cato Letter. (Killie Campbell Africana Library MS1602b) 2 Feb.Zulu spies and messengers have gone along the foot of the Drakensberg to try and get Basutos, Pondos, and Galekas to rise.
1880 Encycl. Brit. XIII. 819The Gcaleka chief, who is lord paramount of all the Ama-Xosa tribes, always takes his first or ‘great wife’ from the Ama-Tembu royal family, and her issue alone have any claim to the succession.
1882 J. Nixon Among Boers 58The Galekas were ‘up’, and burgher law had been proclaimed.
1887 S.W. Silver & Co.’s Handbk to S. Afr. 380The Gcalekas are the most warlike of the natives within or about the Cape.
1891 T.R. Beattie Ride through Transkei 5Kreli, the Great Gcaleka Chief, is still endeavouring..to regain his country from the Kei River to the Bashee.
1906 G. Callaway in E. & W. Mag. (India) 424The Gcalekas — the aristocratic tribe of the Amaxosa.
1920 S.M. Molema Bantu Past & Present 73The Gcaleka chief was recognised as taking the first place in all matters social and political, and especially the latter.
1926 M. Nathan S. Afr. from Within 34The Galekas and Gaikas rose in 1877, this resulting in what was known as the Ninth Kaffir War.
1937 B.J.F. Laubscher Sex, Custom & Psychopathology 210At one time the Tembus obtained their wives from among the Galekas.
1939 N.J. Van Warmelo in A.M. Duggan-Cronin Bantu Tribes III. i. 25Generations after the death of their common ancestor, Phalo, the chiefs of the Rarabe section continue to report to, and consult with, the Gcaleka chiefs concerning all the matters of first importance.
1975 A.O. Jackson Ethnic Composition of Ciskei & Transkei 6Phalo’s great son was Gcaleka and his right-hand son was Rarabe. The most important division of the Xhosa was between these two brothers...The Gcaleka tribes all live in the Transkei.
1981 J.B. Peires House of Phalo 31The great split which occurred after Rharhabe crossed the Kei did not entirely divide the Xhosa nation, for..the Gcaleka kings continued to assert their superiority over all the Xhosa chiefs.
1986 P. Maylam Hist. of Afr. People 96The Thembu..had fallen out with the Gcaleka over the division of the spoils after the defeat of Matiwane in 1828.
2. In the Eastern Cape: a derogatory name for a rural person from the (former) Transkei.
1979 Daily Dispatch 24 Aug. (Indaba) 2The term ‘Gcaleka’ was in most cases used in an offensive manner. It is commonly heard in buses..‘Most of the bus drivers are from the Transkei and you’ll hear a commuter saying: “You Gcaleka, drive this bus carefully — do you think this is Transkei, stupid.”’
A member of a people forming one of the major divisions of the Xhosa. Also attributive.
a derogatory name for a rural person from the (former) Transkei.

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