Free State, noun phrase and & adjectival phrase

DutchShow more Short for Orange Free State translation of Dutch Oranje Vrijstaat (from vrijstaat free state, republic).
A. noun phrase From 1854 to 1901, an independent Boer republic; subsequently one of the four provinces of the Union (later Republic) of South Africa, and one of the nine provinces of South Africa from 1994; OFS; Vrystaat noun. Also attributive. See also Boer Republic sense b.
1858 H. Hall in Cape Monthly Mag. III. May 301The contest now raging between the Dutch farmers of the Free State and the Basutu chief Moshesh has naturally excited a considerable degree of interest.
1876 F. Boyle Savage Life 164Lying just within the border of the Free State, it..became the refuge of all those for whom our diamond fields had become too hot.
1900 F.D. Baillie Mafeking Diary 113The Transvaalers..hope to get the Free State Boers to fight their battles further away from their own territory.
1911 A.W. Barlow in Farmer’s Weekly 11 Oct. 154In the Free State the natives pay in direct taxation more than double the amount derived from the quit-rent on farms.
1916 S.T. Plaatje Native Life (1982) 27The object of the bill was to remove a which a ‘Free’ State native was by law debarred from inheriting landed property.
1955 Pencharz & Sowden in Saron & Hotz Jews in S. Afr. 320One of those vague, straggling villages which dotted the Free State landscape.
1971 J. McClure Steam Pig (1973) 72Zondi was going it like a Free State farmer on his way to a Rugby international.
1988 C. Legum in Afr. Contemp. Rec. 1986–7 B720Since the days of the old Boer Republics in the 19th Century no Indian was allowed to remain in the Free State for longer than 24 hours.
1990 M. Kentridge Unofficial War 29‘Zola’ refers to the Free State athlete Zola Budd.
B. adjectival phrase
1. Used facetiously, alluding to the province’s predominantly agricultural nature: of or pertaining to anything regarded as rustic, primitive, or defective.
1871 W.G. Atherstone in A.M.L. Robinson Sel. Articles from Cape Monthly Mag. (1978) 145All day at ‘Free State’ speed (the adaged rate of an old Dutch plough), we furrowed the alluvial flats.
1955 W. Hully Wagon on Fire 175A huge black cloud..swept the town, darkening the sky but yielding no moisture...‘Free State rain,’ commented Pieter ironically, as he spluttered and shook his clothes.
1978 J. Branford Dict. of S. Afr. Eng. 72Free State bolt, a piece of wire used for fastening a door; Free State nails, stones used to keep a roof or roof-patch in place.
1983 T. McAllen Kyk DaarHaircut: Regulation Free State, clipped 50mm above each ear.
1991 M. Luyt Informant, GrahamstownA Free State sandwich? Two slices of stywe pap with soft porridge in between!
2. combination
Free State coal colloquial, dried dung, used as fuel where wood and coal are scarce; Karoo coal, see Karoo sense 3; kraal fuel, see kraal noun sense 3 d; also called mis (sense 1).
[1882 J. Nixon Among Boers 127There was a fireplace in the sitting room, in which, during the winter, coal was burned — coal from the Free State!]
1886 R. Jameson Rough Notes of Trip to Tvl Gold-Fields 1 (Pettman)Busied himself collecting the Free State coal, as the dried cow-dung is euphoniously called.
1913 C. Pettman Africanderisms 178Free State coal, A euphemism for the dried Mist..which is largely used for fuel in up-country homesteads.
1945 N. Devitt People & Places 142Free State Coal was..the humorous name given by the early transport riders to the dried cow-dung from which the campfires of those days were made on the main transport roads.
1971 Informant, TvlWe burn cow-dung in our province, but only in the sticks. It’s called ‘Free State Coal’.
1986 M. Henry in Somerset Budget 2 Oct.Free State coal is..cow dung used for fuel where wood is scarce, but why the honour went to the Free a mystery.
1990 C. Laffeaty Far Forbidden Plains 235Her pails filled with dry dung which they had christened ‘Free State Coal’, she would cross the drift again and the bitter, desolate reality would stare her in the face.
From 1854 to 1901, an independent Boer republic; subsequently one of the four provinces of the Union (later Republic) of South Africa, and one of the nine provinces of South Africa from 1994; OFS; Vrystaatnoun. Also attributive.
of or pertaining to anything regarded as rustic, primitive, or defective.
Hence Free Stater noun phrase, an inhabitant of the Orange Free State.
1882 S. Heckford Lady Trader in Tvl 19In the Orange Free State..I heard much political talk, adverse to the English, from an old Free-Stater somewhat addicted to the bottle.
1903 D. Blackburn Burgher Quixote 100The Free Staters are vain and look upon themselves as very superior to Transvaalers, because they can mostly read.
1915 J.K. O’Connor Afrikander Rebellion 83The desire for a republic among the Boers has grown stronger during recent months..whether they be Transvaalers, Free Staters, or Kaapenaars.
1931 W.A. Cotton Racial Segregation 115Sir Thomas Watt is not a Dutchman, but a Britisher. He is not a Free Stater, but a Natal man.
1946 T. Macdonald Ouma Smuts 13They envied the Transvaalers and the Freestaters their absolute freedom, because the Cape was under the British Crown.
1974 S. Afr. Panorama Jan. 13Alina Lekgetha is a Free Stater by birth — a member of the Barolong people of Thaba ’Nchu.
1989 F.G. Butler Tales from Old Karoo 10Hobbits are really footloose Free Staters in disguise.
1992 Financial Mail 13 Mar. 6Ian Palmer, the Free Stater who startled European golf by winning the Asian Classic in Bangkok.
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