Fairest Cape, noun phrase

Also fairest Cape.
From an early description (see quotation 1589) often attributed to Sir Francis Drake, but probably written by someone accompanying Drake on his voyage around the world.
The Cape peninsula; Cape Town and its environs. See also Cape.
[1589 in W.S.W. Vaux World Encompassed by Sir Francis Drake (1854) 251From Jaua Maior we sailed for the cape of Good Hope...This Cape is a most stately thing, and the fairest Cape we saw in the whole circumference of the earth, and we passed by it the 18. of June [1580].]
1987 Cape Times 28 Dec. 9Please don’t leave your empty, broken bottles on beaches — or anywhere else in scenic and picnic spots in our Fairest Cape.
1989 S. Bilac in Personality 10 Apr. 30 (caption)In ‘the Fairest Cape’ the CP holds no mandate over Pearly Beach — but the segregation signs still stand.
1991 Weekend Post 5 Jan. 7Visiting Transvaal windsurfers..say they have experienced little kindness and much abuse from the citizens of the fairest Cape.
1994 Weekly Mail & Guardian 13 May 13Fair fight for fairest Cape.
The Cape peninsula; Cape Town and its environs.
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