DSAE test file

elephant, noun

Special Combinations
elephant fish [see quotation 1867.] The marine fish Callorhinchus capensis of the Callorhincidae (this name being used for the species in Smith and Heemstra’s Smith’s Sea Fishes, 1986); joseph;
elephant-gun in historical contexts, roer sense a;
elephant rock Geology [see quotation 1913], weathered dolomite;
elephant’s ear, also elephant ear, elephants ears [see quotation 1913; the name has been used elsewhere of other large-leafed plants], any of several plants with large leaves said to resemble elephants’ ears, especially Grewia lasiocarpia (Natal), Eriospermum capense (Eastern Cape), and two species of the Arum family, particularly Arum esculentum;
elephant’s food, also elephants’ food [see quotation 1856], spekboom sense 1; also attributive;
elephant’s foot [see quotation 1913; the name is used in general English for other plants], the yam-like plant Dioscorea elephantipes of the Dioscoreaceae, having a large edible tuber growing partly above the ground; Hottentot(’s) bread sense (b), see Hottentot noun sense 6 a; also attributive;
elephant shark, elephant fish (see above);
elephant shrew [see quotation 1918], any of several African shrews of the Macroscelididae, characterized by a flexible, trunk-like snout;
elephant’s trunk [see quotation 1913], the halfmens, Pachypodium namaquanum.
1790 J. Cook Voy. of Disc. (1908) IV. 1283Fish..known to seamen by the name of elephant fish.
1992 T. Van Rensburg in S. Afr. Panorama Mar.Apr. 8In the Richtersveld..the quiver tree..and the elephant’s trunk (Pachypodium namaquanum) are the most typical [plants].