ekskuus, interjection

aaskies, askiesShow more Also aaskies, askies, exkes, skies, ’skuus.
Among Afrikaans-speakers: ‘I beg your pardon’.
[1906 A.H. Watkins From Farm to Forum 17Oh excuse, I asked you if you would have coffee and I thought you said ‘No’.]
1916 S. Black in S. Gray Three Plays (1984) 213Halford: You diabolical conglomeration of unaspirated iniquity!..Van H: Exkes?
1960 C. Hooper Brief Authority 134Soon we shall have to go to the Native Commissioner and ask, ‘Skies-tog my baas, please can I have a permit to conceive a child!’
1979 Daily Dispatch 19 Oct. 13Delegates address one another as ‘Broeder’. Even if a speaker coughs he says: ‘Ekskuus, broeders.’
1982 M. Mzamane Children of Soweto 170‘Micky, you still have a lot of explaining to do.’ ‘Aaskies?’ ‘You heard me very well.’
1990 City Press 17 June 17Eina! Askies my baas, It is not me.
1990 J. Rosenthal Wake Up Singing 16‘’Skuus, Baas,’ said Zach. ‘Ja, Oom — sorry, Oom,’ said Em.
‘I beg your pardon’.
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