earth-hog, noun

South African Dutch
1731 G. Medley tr. of P. Kolben’s Present State of Cape of G.H. II. 118The tongue of an Earth-Hog is long and pointed. When he is hungry, he looks for an Ant-Hill; and coming nigh the same, he lays him down,..stretching out his long tongue..the upper part of which being very clammy, the Ants are held thereon by the Legs.
1810 G. Barrington Acct of Voy. 349The covered with short hair, and being extremely fat, is esteemed very delicious food by the Planters and the Hottentots.
1843 J.C. Chase Cape of G.H. 69I beg also to bear testimony to other niceties of the native African cuisine...The leg of an earth-hog (Myrmecophega Capensis) equal to the most delicate veal, with a goüt only to be compared to its own.
1847 [see aardvark].
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