dry-my-throat, noun

Afrikaans, South African DutchShow more Translation of Afrikaans (earlier South African Dutch) droog-my-keel.
droog-my-keel. Also attributive.
1897 E. Glanville Tales from Veld 136I got under a thick ‘dry-my-throat’ bush where I hid.
1913 C. Pettman Africanderisms 155Dry-my-throat bush, Scutia Commersoni..This is a literal rendering of the Dutch name Droog-mij-keel bosje.
1972 Palmer & Pitman Trees of Sn Afr. II. 1401These fruits..dry the throat very noticeably, hence the most widely used common name ‘droog-my-keel’ or ‘dry-my-throat’.
1976 [see num-num].
droog-my-keel. Also attributive.

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