dop, verb2

AfrikaansShow more Afrikaans, from dop a drink, see dop noun.
a. intransitive. To drink.
1977 Sunday Times 1 May 7It is a society with a language of its own. You ‘dop’ too much, become ‘gerooked’ and have ‘babelaas’ next morning.
1983 G. Silber in Sunday Times 28 Aug. (Mag. Sect.) 18People come to Bapsies to braai and sit on blankets and dop...Sometimes the okes dop a little too hard and..fall into the pool.
1991 D. Ashman Informant, Cape TownDoppie (n.): A person who dops.
b. transitive. To drink (alcohol).
1981 Cape Times 28 Dec. 9These holiday jollers..gooi a line without any bait in our muddy waters after dopping a cellar cask.
To drink.
To drink (alcohol).
Hence dopped up participial adjectival phrase, drunk.
1989 D. Kramer in ADA No.7, 8When they got to the braai the guys who had invited them had already had a braai. So they were quite ‘dopped’ up.

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