dominee, noun

domine, dominieShow more Also domine, dominie, dominy, duminy, and with initial capital.
Dutch, Latin, English, British EnglishShow more Dutch, ‘clergyman’, ‘minister’, from Latin, being the vocative case of dominus lord. In the earlier quotations, the form ‘dominie’ is perhaps the (chiefly Scottish) English dominie teacher, and ‘domine’ the British English domine clergyman.
Used also in U.S. English (as ‘dominie’).
1. obsolete. A parish clerk, catechist, or other minor cleric in the Dutch Reformed churches; Voorlezer. See also sieketrooster.
1846 J. Sutherland Memoir II. 62Sacrament was performed to the sick of the ship Bull by the domine.
1861 P.B. Borcherds Auto-Biog. Mem. 18At the age of seven years, I was sent to a Dutch school under the Master George Knoop, the parish clerk, commonly called the Dominie.
1861 P.B. Borcherds Auto-Biog. Mem. 179Previously to the minister ascending the pulpit..the Dominie, or parish clerk, read chapters out of the Bible.
1925 H.J. Mandelbrote tr. of O.F. Mentzel’s Descr. of Cape of G.H. II. 17These posts include..the upper surgeon, who..has to have a knowledge of both medicine and surgery; the dominie or sick-comforter; and the commander of troops.
a. predikant sense a.
1883 M.A. Carey-Hobson Farm in Karoo 231Look at this one (sc. feather), would it not make a splendid exaggeration of a quill pen for an old dominie in a charade?
[1913 C. Pettman Africanderisms 149Domine, Occasionally this word is used in Cape Dutch for clergyman, minister, but most commonly he is now spoken of as the ‘Predikant,’ and in direct address, ‘Mijnheer’.]
1948 H.C. Bosman in L. Abrahams Unto Dust (1963) 33‘I was expecting a Catholic priest,’ Gertruida said...‘But if the Lord has sent the dominie and his ouderling, instead, I am sure it will be well, also.’
1953 A. Paton Phalarope (1963) 69Before the young dominee preached, old Dominee Stander said a few words about him.
1965 C. Van Heyningen Orange Days 30In those days..they were ‘predikante’ and not ‘dominees’.
1973 Y. Burgess Life to Live 28The Volkspele, or folk dancing,..had been declared innocuous, even patriotic, by the dominee himself.
1980 Sunday Times 31 Aug. (Extra) 3A dominee-type gentleman is there with a fixed smile.
1989 Style Feb. 45Helet’s father, a dominee in the N G Mission Church..has participated in a march on Parliament.
1991 A. Van Wyk Birth of New Afrikaner 52The regular communion service was conducted by our white minister...The white dominee always invited some of the members of his own congregation to attend.
b. ‘Minister’, used: i. As a term of address. ii. With a name, as a title; Ds; predikant sense b.
1948 H.C. Bosman in L. Abrahams Unto Dust (1963) 34We noticed that Gertruida called the predikant ‘Father’ now, and not ‘Dominie’.
1960 U. Krige (tr. of J. van Melle) in D. Wright S. Afr. Stories 129My time is up, Dominee. All I can do now is to prepare for the end.
1964 J. Bennett Mr Fisherman (1967) 43Tomorrow, if they were not home, Dominee Uys would hold a special service for the fishermen.
1979 A.P. Brink Dry White Season 142Dominee, tonight I’m coming to you like Nicodemus. I’ve got to talk to you.
1982 Drum Oct. 104Dominee Nico Smit took a sharp left turn away from the Broederbond and Nationalist circles into the arms of a black congregation because he could find no moral justification for apartheid.
1991 E. Prov. Herald 22 May 1Haven director Dominee Willie van der Merwe said..the children would cherish the day for the rest of their lives.
A parish clerk, catechist, or other minor cleric in the Dutch Reformed churches; Voorlezer.
i. As a term of address. ii. With a name, as a title; Ds; predikantb.
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