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dom, adjective

a. Stupid, foolish. So comparative form dommer, superlative form domste /ˈdɔmstə/ [Afrikaans], or dommest. See also domkop, simpel.
[a1878 J. Montgomery Reminisc. (1981) 88The people had to help me off the wagon. They were very kind and did all they could to relieve the pain, although they called me a domme Engelsman (a stupid Engelsman).]
1994 Informant, GrahamstownHe’s the dommest boy in our class.
b. In the phr. dom astrant /ˌdɔm aˈstrant/ [Afrikaans, astrant bold, impudent], deliberately uncooperative. So dom astrantheid /-heɪt/ [Afrikaans, n.-forming suffix -heid -hood], cussedness, perversity.
1978 Sunday Times 9 Apr. 16Did the arrogance and self-centred righteousness of the Fifties and Sixties last too long? Can the tide of international hostility aroused by a generation of dom-astrantheid still be stemmed?
1982 Sunday Times 25 Apr. 26As Willem de Klerk says: ‘It is reckless, dom astrant, incredulous, unpatriotic, even criminal, to pretend in the face of such irrefutable facts that South Africa can simply continue as in the past.’
Stupid, foolish. So comparative form dommer, superlative form domsteˈdɔmstə, or dommest.
deliberately uncooperative. So dom astrantheid-heɪt, n.-forming suffix -heid -hood, cussedness, perversity.

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