doekum, noun

dhukkum, doekomShow more Also dhukkum, doekom, dukum, dukun.
Afrikaans, Dutch, MalayShow more Adaptation of Afrikaans doekoem, doekom (Dutch doekoen), from Malay dukun traditional doctor, midwife.
In the Cape Malay community: a traditional healer or medicine man. Cf. slamaaier sense 2.
1963 K. Mackenzie Dragon to Kill 246Maria..insisted on putting some small pieces of rag under Tony’s mattress which she had got from her doekum and which always had a miraculous effect on boils.
1964 Drum Nov. 21At the time of the murder,..fortune tellers had read their cards, doekums had burned their incense and witchdoctors had thrown their bones.
1966 I.D. Du Plessis Poltergeists 46The potential dukun (medicine man) must walk round the grave three times, calling on the murdered man by name and repeating a certain Malay formula.
1971 L.G. Green Taste of S.-Easter 146A dukun buried eggshells with magic words under the wicket before a cricket match to ensure victory for the team of his choice.
1979 P. Miller Myths & Legends 72Some dukuns become very proficient in their trade...They are often called to exorcise the many stone-throwing poltergeists which seem to pester the Malays.
1980 Cape Times 12 Sept. 4‘Doekoms’ (witchdoctors) were often consulted either to make a court sentence less severe or to make a job easier...When I was out on bail, the ‘doekom’ gave me a small thing...He told me I must rub it with my fingers every time the magistrate talked to me.
1986 A. Adam in Cape Herald 25 Jan. 4They have shown a peculiar blindness to problems which should concern them most, such as..superstitious beliefs such as ‘dukums’ (many Imams are ‘dukums’ themselves).
a traditional healer or medicine man.
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