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dispens, noun

South African Dutch, Portuguese, Old French, Show more South African Dutch, perhaps introduced by seamen from Portuguese despensa pantry; or from Old French despense (cf. Latin dispendere to distribute).
A larder, pantry, or storeroom for provisions.
The shortened form ‘spens’ is now current in Afrikaans.
1913 C. Pettman Africanderisms 145Dispens or Spens, (L. dispendere to distribute.) The cupboard or pantry in which the household stores are kept and from which they are dispensed...Compare Chaucer’s ‘All vinolent as botel in the spence’ (Somner’s Tale).
1980 Cape Times 30 Aug. (advt)Authentic Victorian charm in select oak lined avenue...Large kitchen, spens and breakfast room.
A larder, pantry, or storeroom for provisions.

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