diaken, noun

diakens, ‖diakenen.
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A deacon in the Dutch Reformed church.
[1877 F. Jeppe Tvl Bk Almanac & Dir. (1976) 38The Church is ruled by a General Church Meeting (Algemeene Kerk Vergadering) consisting of the clergy, the half of the serving Churchwardens (Dienst doende Ouderlingen) and two Deacons (Diakenen) from each congregation.]
1931 H.C. Bosman in V. Rosenberg Almost Forgotten Stories (1979) 33The ouderling and diakens in the church council said that perhaps they could permit a minister to look underneath his lids while he was praying, but it was only right that his eyes be shut all the time when he pronounced the blessing.
1955 L.G. Green Karoo 81Many familiar scenes..black suits of ouderlinge and diakens in the Sunday walk to Church.
1958 A. Jackson Trader on Veld 34As for Meneer die Predikant, he travelled in style about the district by cart and horses of his own, or was taken by one of his diakens (deacons) to make huisbesoeke (house visits).
1973 M. Van Biljon in Star 25 Aug. 6A newly elected diaken of the church came on his visit the other evening.
1979 Daily Dispatch 19 Oct. 13Tier upon tier within the magnificent, wall-to-wall carpeted synod chamber in Orange Street they sit, dominees, ouderlings and diakens, in black suits and white ties.
1989 F.G. Butler Tales from Old Karoo 28‘You see his hands?’ said my Uncle ‘— clasped behind his back like a diaken with a big moral problem on his mind?’
A deacon in the Dutch Reformed church.

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