crawl, noun

Anglicized pronunciation-spelling of kraal, see kraal noun.
Found elsewhere with related meanings, e.g. in Jamaican English meaning ‘sty’.
a. kraal noun sense 1 a.
1771 J. Banks Jrnl (1896) They (sc. the Khoikhoi) train up bulls which they place round their crawls or towns in the night.
1792 W. Bligh Voy. to S. Seas 39A reputable farmer..had information from some Caffre Hottentots that at a crawl, or village, in their country, there were white men and women.
b. kraal noun sense 3 a.
a1862 J. Ayliff Jrnl of ‘Harry Hastings’ (1963) 70The fold (but I find the proper name is ‘crawl’, not fold) was made of posts and rails.
kraalnoun1 a.
kraalnoun3 a.

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