Colony, noun

Also with small initial.
The Colony: The Cape Colony; the Cape, see Cape sense 1 b; Kolonie. Also with qualifying word, The Old Colony.
1796 Van Ryneveld vs Brown & Spooner. 24The Benefit as well for the Colony in general as for each Individual in particular, that the Administration of Justice should be conferred on and remain [in] the Hands of those who have hitherto performed that weighty function.
1806 in G.M. Theal Rec. of Cape Col. (1899) V. 301The Inhabitants of the Colony who are comprehended in the Capitulation are to enjoy the same rights and privileges as have been granted to those in Cape Town.
1810 G. Barrington Acct of Voy. 333The the best nursery for sheep in the whole Colony.
1838 F. Owen Letter to Church Missionary Society. (Killie Campbell Africana Library KCM53500) 19 Apr.I now avail myself of an opportunity which offers of sending letters overland to the Colony to write again, to give you some notion of our present condition.
1847 A Bengali Notes on Cape of G.H. 6In 1814 the Colony was finally and formally ceded to Great Britain at the Treaty of Vienna.
1851 H. Ward Cape & Kaffirs 8There is no prospect of filling up any portion of it with Boers, and little by any removals from the old Colony; the only effective remedy..appears to us to consist in an extensive emigration from the United Kingdom.
1851 J.F. Churchill Diary. (Killie Campbell Africana Library MS37) 18 JuneBad news from the Old Colony nearly all the Hottentots disaffected & Settlers in doubt whom to trust.
1852 R.B. Struthers Hunting Jrnl (1991) 15Dr M(orris) is a very agreeable young man — is from the old colony and has been in the late Kaffir wars.
1852 C. Barter Dorp & Veld 15 (Pettman)The greatest drag to the commerce of Natal is its intimate connexion with, and almost entire dependence on, the old Colony.
1864 A Lady Life at Natal (1972) 44Here, as in the ‘old colony’, I find that Christian Kafirs are held to be no improvement upon the ‘pure and simple’ savage.
1882 O.E.A. Schreiner Diamond Fields. 152Perhaps you have seen such houses here, because you go about, but I haven’t. It’s just like the Colony.
1883 J. Edwards Reminisc. 81 (Pettman)We were now in the old Colony, where we felt ourselves more at home.
1887 J.C. Brown Management of Crown Forests 122Can you inform the Committee to what extent the Crown forest lands were sold when the licenses were withheld? — No; that was before I came to the Colony.
1913 C. Pettman Africanderisms 346Old Colony, The, The Cape Colony is frequently so designated to distinguish it from those Colonies and States of South Africa of more recent origin.
1927 Outspan 18 Mar. 45Let us beg the Johannesburg people not to refer to the Cape Province as ‘The Colony’.
1928 E.A. Walker Hist. of S. Afr. 515The Afrikaner Volk proceeded to find itself along cultural and then along political lines. The Old Colony led the way.
c1936 S. & E. Afr. Yr Bk & Guide 97Other causes have been overstocking, veld burning and the goat. In some areas, particularly the Native Reserves in the old Colony..the damage done may prove irretrievable.
c1936 S. & E. Afr. Yr Bk & Guide 225In the old colony numbers have sunk to the ‘poor white’ level from losses incurred through drought and from the gradual deterioration of lands.
1964 L.G. Green Old Men Say 255A Mr. George Tuistle complained in 1801 that Rex had been presented with one of the best posts in the colony simply because he was a son of George III.
1985 W.T. Powell in M. Fraser Jhb. Pioneer Jrnls 1888–1909 211He was thinking of making a trip home. As I knew he was born down in Cape Colony I asked him what part of the Colony he was going to. ‘I am not going to the Colony. I am going to London.’
The Cape Colony; the Cape, see Cape1 b; Kolonie. Also with qualifying word, The Old Colony.
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