Colonial, adjective and & noun

Also with small initial.
Used also in the general English senses, but primarily with the following meanings.
A. adjective Of or pertaining to the Cape Colony. See also Colony.
1824 W.J. Burchell Trav. II. 97Bidding me farewell in the colonial manner, by repeating the word dag, they hasted away to their Kraal.
1824 S. Afr. Jrnl I. 84There are now on the books of the two Free Schools maintained by the Colonial Government in Cape Town, the names of five-hundred-and-twenty children.
1831 S. Afr. Dir. & Advertiser 100Total estimated value of Colonial Produce and manufactures exported during the year 1829 £285,247 15 10¼.
1836 A.F. Gardiner Journey to Zoolu Country 256I should probably reach the colonial frontier in the course of a very few days.
1873 F. Boyle To Cape for Diamonds 297There are hundreds of diggers, both boer and colonial, who have gone to the fields with the resolve of earning some definite sum, large or small.
1888 Cape Punch 28 Mar. 182Mr Cape-Punch hears there is some likelihood of a Colonial Cricket Team visiting England to try conclusions with the old country.
1891 H.J. Duckitt Hilda’s ‘Where Is It?’ p.viiTo my country cousins and far-off friends in South Africa..this collection may prove useful. Few Colonial cooks of the present day understand the art of cooking.
1899 Volkstem 5 Oct. 1Emissaries of the Transvaal have been at work among the Colonial country-folks. Arms have been distributed on behalf of the Transvaal Government, and Colonial disaffection is reckoned on as a factor of considerable importance.
1901 George & Knysna Herald 30 Oct. 3Seven Colonial Dutch farmers suspected of having given information to the Boers respecting the movements of British troops, have been apprehended, and brought into town from the Albany District.
1902 H.J. Duckitt in M. Kuttel Quadrilles & Konfyt (1954) 16Buck Bay — a cattle-farm belonging to my eldest brother, with a picturesque old Colonial house.
1903 D. Blackburn Burgher Quixote 65Riding on the level ground right below us were eight khakis, whom we knew not to be Colonial volunteers by the way they rode — with a long stirrup and straight up in the saddle.
1923 D.F. Bleek Mantis & his FriendsIntro., Their narrators were all Colonial Bushmen, who lived on the rolling plains south of the Orange River.
1971 Grocott’s Mail 24 Aug. 3It is, as its title page states, a ‘Picture Record of the Movements of the British, Colonial and Boer Forces engaged in the Conflict’.
B. noun An inhabitant of the Cape Colony; one born there.
1917 A.W. Carter Informant, Ladybrand 20 Aug.The Administrator — Gorges — is a Colonial and not imposing but was very affable and has just let me know that he is arranging a visit to the Govt. Farm.
1987 W. Steenkamp Blockhouse 22If your horse gave in, that was the end of you, especially if the English got you and you were a rebel colonial. Then it was a short trial and a fast hanging.
Of or pertaining to the Cape Colony.
An inhabitant of the Cape Colony; one born there.
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