cob, noun2

Unknown; perhaps from a supposed resemblance of the marijuana package to a maize cob (maize-leaves are also frequently used as packaging material).
Among drug users: a quantity of marijuana (see dagga noun2 sense 1). Cf. arm.
1970 G. Hugo in Forum Vol.6 No.2, 19‘Remember that cob of Malawi we had just after the vac.’
1970 G. Hugo in Forum Vol.6 No.2, 20‘It was tremendous. How’s the pipe?’ I tend to miss every joint, pipe, roach, cookie, roller, twist, cob, stick, grass-thing that’s around.
1972 Daily Dispatch 22 Mar. 4He said the five cobs of dagga were his sole responsibility and his friends were not involved.
1982 Sunday Times 18 July 11Last month, the customs official found a ‘cob’ of Malawi dagga in her luggage.
a quantity of marijuana (see dagganoun1).
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