certificate, noun

In full registration certificate:
1. pass sense 1.
1899 W.J.K. Little Sketches & Studies II. 127It was required that he (sc. a Khoikhoi) should have..a ‘pass’ or certificate when moving from place to place, and should be fined or punished as a vagrant if unable, when required, to produce this pass.
1941 C.W. De Kiewiet Hist. of S. Afr. 45They were naturally inclined to arrest the Hottentot as a vagabond and compel him to take service or achieve the same result by refusing him the pass or certificate without which he could not move from one district to another.
2. pass sense 2.
1902 in Stat. Law of Tvl 1839–1910 (1910) II. 871Any native found in any street public place or thoroughfare..between the hours of nine pm. and four am. without a written pass or certificate..shall be liable to a fine.
c1928 R.R.R. Dhlomo Afr. Tragedy 14He had forgotten his certificate — therefore was not qualified to be out at that hour.
c1928 R.R.R. Dhlomo Afr. Tragedy 20As he undressed he saw his Registration Certificate lying on the dressing table where he had forgotten it.
c1948 H. Tracey Lalela Zulu 55The police..may demand on sight that any male native shall produce his registration certificate, usually called the ‘pass’.
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