carpenter, noun

Also karpenter.
unchanged, or carpenters.
South African DutchShow more Probably adaptation of South African Dutch kaapenaar one from the Cape.
The small seabream Argyrozona argyrozona of the Sparidae; Kaapenaar sense 2; silver-fish sense 1 a. See also doppie sense 2.
A fish of some commercial importance. The name ‘carpenter’ is used for this species in Smith and Heemstra’s Smith’s Sea Fishes (1986).
1913 C. Pettman Africanderisms 116Carpenter, This word seems to be a corruption of Kaapenaar; Dentex argyroxona is so called in East London.
1949 J.L.B. Smith Sea Fishes of Sn Afr. 278Argyrozona Argyrozona..[Dentex or Ploysteganus argyrozona] Silvervis. Silver Fish. Doppie (Cape). Rooitjie (Knysna). Karp (Port Elizabeth) Karpenter or Kaapenaar (East London to Natal).
1976 E. Prov. Herald 14 Oct. 21How does one stop these fish being caught? They were in an area where we were having excellent fishing for daggerhead, roman, carpenter and fairly large steenbras.
1981 E. Prov. Herald 23 Apr. 11The original name of the carpenter, a common reef fish, was kaapenaar indicating that it was caught in Cape waters and this became anglicised to carpenter. However, it is still known in Afrikaans by its original name.
1988 G. Winch in Ski-Boat Nov.Dec. 9They (sc. foreign vessels) to catch no more than 15% of other species (carpenter, panga, steenbras) as a by-catch when trawling for hake or maasbanker.
1993 R. Van der Elst Guide to Common Sea Fishes 336The flesh of the carpenter is excellent, and significant commercial catches are still made by line-boats and trawlers.
The small seabream Argyrozona argyrozona of the Sparidae; Kaapenaar2; silver-fish1 a.
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