Cape Muslim, noun phrase and adjectival phrase

EnglishShow more Cape + English Muslim an adherent of Islam, of or pertaining to Islam.
A. noun phrase Cape Malay noun phrase.
1944 I.D. Du Plessis Cape Malays 13The Sultan of Turkey showed his interest in the Cape Muslims by allowing A’ Ali Pasha, his minister of Foreign Affairs, to help the local community in connection with the Chalifah controversy.
1989 T. Botha in Style Dec.Jan. 158The real Malay Quarter isn’t really a quarter. It’s not even an eighth. Of the Bo-Kaap, that is...The Bo-Kaap, home to some 6000 Cape Muslims.
B. adjectival phrase Cape Malay adjectival phrase.
1978 A. Davids in Bradlow & Cairns Early Cape Muslims 1The individualistic culture of the Cape Muslim community could not have grown and developed as it did by the mere importation of slaves and their emancipation; or by the banishment of political exiles and convicts to the Cape.
1979 J.C. in Natal Witness 2 Feb. 11An immense amount of research has been done..among the Cape Muslim community.
Cape Malayadjectival phrase.

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