bundu-bash, verb intransitive

EnglishShow more bundu + colloquial English bash to hit or beat (something).
To force one’s way through rough and difficult terrain; to go out into the wilds. Also figurative.
1970 V.R. Vink Informant, FloridaWe spent our holidays bundu-bashing (on safari in the bush).
1972 Star 22 June 21‘Bundu-bashing’ in pursuit of live game to sell...A four-wheel drive vehicle is completely worn out after two seasons of this work on his game ranch.
1975 J. McClure Snake (1981) 139Pity the old man’s away bundu-bashing, you two should get on famously.
1976 E. Prov. Herald 8 June 5About 600 people of all ages are expected to go ‘bundu bashing’ near Port Elizabeth..for the Eastern Province Wildlife Society’s annual snare hunt.
1976 Cape Times 21 Feb. 10He blazed the homeward trail, and a generation of young poets came swearing and bundu-bashing behind him; in love with their hateful homeland.
1985 Sunday Times 11 Aug. (Lifestyle) 5Bundu-bashing on the Botswana border?
To force one’s way through rough and difficult terrain; to go out into the wilds. Also figurative.
Hence bundu-basher noun; bundu-bashing verbal noun, travel through very rough or difficult country; also attributive.
1972 Caravan May 37The bundu bashing Beira bunch are going west. This time they will be blazing a trail to Angola.
1973 Evening Post 14 July (Parade) 1Track racing and..the far-flung bundu-bashing type of rally.
1974 Farmer’s Weekly 4 Dec. 44The most rugged bundu-basher in the world!
1982 S. Afr. Panorama Dec. 12At Sabi Sabi, ‘bundu bashing’, as game viewing is called in South Africa (bundu = bush) is an excitement that makes the visitor..feel that he/she has truly arrived in ‘darkest Africa’.
1984 C. St Leger in Sunday Times 26 Feb. 1South Africans should be able to view Prince Charles doing a bit of bundu-bashing next month. He will be wandering over the desert sands in search of the Kalahari Bushmen.
1985 Style Oct. 95Many are the options for the would-be bundu basher who wants to taste primitive, unspoilt Africa.
1989 B. Ludman Day of Kugel 100‘He keeps going off to the bundu...What does he do out there, Stephen?’ ‘I’ve no idea, anyway, he’s picked a funny time for bundu bashing.’
1990 [see buffel sense 2].
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