bula, verb intransitive

Also bhola, bhula.
ZuluShow more From Zulu verb bhula beat, hence (transferred) consult a diviner, prophesy (the transferred senses arising because of a method of divining in which the inquirer raps the ground with a stick in response to the diviner’s statements).
to throw (the) bones, see throw sense 2. Also combination bula dance.
1893 J.F. Ingram Story of Gold Concession 38The King’s chamberlain presently came out and announced that Nazaza would bula, or prophesy, that night at moonrise.
1988 J. Jivhuho in Pace June 88You would go to a sangoma to bhula (bone-throwing) and he or she was not skilled in healing but would refer you to an inyanga who specialised in the disease afflicting you.
to throw (the) bones, see throw2. Also combinationbula dance.

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