bugger, noun

Short for rugger-bugger.
In South African English ‘bugger’ usually has no sexual connotations, and is used more freely than in other forms of English.
a. rugger-bugger. b. As a form of address: ‘mate’, ‘friend’; often in the plural.
1985 Rhodian 84–5 (Rhodes Univ.)There are among the stereotypes those poor, confused individuals who have no particular identity, who float between bungy and bugger.
1988 N. Dean in Style June 136Buggers, What we all would be if we could drink eight beers a night without falling over. The term ‘buggers’ does not refer to sexual practices, but comes from ‘rugger-buggers’. Few play rugby, though (throwing the barmaid’s T-shirt around the room doesn’t count). Buggers puke out of res windows; get off with other people’s girlfriends and wrestle each other to the ground at beerstubes.
2. combination
bugger-chick, the compliant girl-friend of an aggressively masculine man.
1988 N. Dean in Style June 136Bugger-chicks,..Drink Esprit, wear pink takkies, have perfectly tanned belly-buttons and often show a startling generosity in dispensing sexual favours to their men’s friends. Bugger chicks respond most satisfactorily to the ritual Ladies Night cry, ‘A bottle of champagne to the first girl to give me her bra’.
1989 Informant, Cape TownWell, take your shoes off then — be a buggerchick.
1989 Informant, GrahamstownYou know how the bugger-chicks always dress with these surfer T-shirts and make-up.
‘mate’, ‘friend’; often in the plural.
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