buck, noun3

U.S. EnglishShow more Transferred use of colloquial U.S. English buck a dollar.
rand sense 3 a.
1975 S.S. Mekgoe Lindiwe (1978) 14Beejay: (Counting the money) Let’s see, (Flipping through the money) how much? Hmm! Four thousand bucks?
1975 Rhodeo (Rhodes Univ.) Vol.29 No.6, 2A fair number of kugels are managing to infiltrate the Rhodes Campus..all dolled up to the nines. You can’t buy that clobber for under fifty bucks.
1982 Drum July 69They are offering anything you want on HP. For a few bucks deposit they deliver the goods.
1987 Scope 6 Nov. 32Yvonne was a 60-buck all-nighter, but for Jimmy the streetgirls were free.
1989 F. De Villiers in Weekly Mail 20 Jan. 14I propose that our national currency be known as the ‘buck’...We’re already talking like that anyway in all South African languages.
1991 P. Slabolepszy Braait Laaities. 15Boikie: I pay 120 — cash! Moira: You paid cash? Boikie: 120 Bucks.
rand3 a.
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