brom, noun

AfrikaansShow more Transferred use of Afrikaans brom to growl; see also brom verb.
The deep, booming call of a cock ostrich. See also bromming (brom verb).
1933 J. Juta Look Out for Ostriches 71Nothing stirred, and the only sound was the distant brom of a cock ostrich.
1968 F. Goldie Ostrich Country 21The cry, or brom, is confined to the cock. Each cry consists of three booms, two short followed by one long, which reverberate across the veld. This brom can only be uttered while the bird is standing still.
1969 F. Goldie River of Gold 59Even experienced hunters often mistake the brom of an ostrich for a lion’s roar. The female has no voice at all...But the male bird makes up for her. He roars just like a lion.
The deep, booming call of a cock ostrich.
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