broeder, noun

DutchShow more Dutch, brother.
1. Especially in the context of Afrikaner society: a brother. Cf. broer sense 5.
1786 G. Forster tr. of A. Sparrman’s Voy. to Cape of G.H. I. 65He looked..very good-humoured, as well as his lively and plaisirige broeder, but was not able to say much.
1972 Sunday Times 5 Nov. 4Broeders and sisters have I none, but this man’s Broeder is my father’s son. Who am I?
2. A term of address or reference to a fellow member of a religious community or congregation.
1798 Lady A. Barnard in Lord Lindsay Lives of Lindsays (1849) III. 431‘This grate,’ said he, ‘and all the iron-work, is my broeder’s making; he got the bars, and fashioned it himself.’
1841 B. Shaw Memorials 272Broeders, (brethren), this is our state. By nature we are blind and know not God.
1935 H.C. Bosman in V. Rosenberg Almost Forgotten Stories (1979) 62The Ouderling held up his hand..‘Broeders’, he said. ‘Let us not judge Koenrad Wiurm too harshly.’
3. Usually with initial capital.
a. Short for Broederbonder; occasionally also used as a title.
1972 Weekend Post 27 May 2‘How, then, can a top Broeder be entrusted with such a very important assignment?’
1972 Sunday Times 24 Sept. 11One wonders who is in control of education in the Transvaal. Is it the Administrator and his executive, or is it Broeder K-..?
1973 Sunday Times 4 Feb. (Mag. Sect.) 3I must admit that in the past I have been bored by the Broeders and their Ku-Klux complexion.
1981 E. Prov. Herald 23 Apr. 1This powerful clique ‘supervises the implementation of Broeder policies, sees that Broeders get effective control of key areas,..and advises Cabinet Ministers on policy matters’ according to..a book which exposed the workings of the Broederbond.
1988 J. Le May in Inside S. Afr. May 12By the 1960s he held numerous directorships and was also chairman of several companies, including Volkskas, the bank founded by Broeders.
1989 M. Manley tr. of L.M. Oosthuizen’s Media Policy & Ethics 93Free from ideology, propaganda and slogans, inhibitions, maniuplation by state presidents, ministers, broeders, generals and big-time captialists.
1990 Sunday Times 15 July 18The not so spooky Broeders. To the extent that the Broederbond still plays any political role at all, it is a benign one.
1993 R. McNeill in Sunday Times 4 Apr. 19As a harbinger of the new spring of ‘independent’ Broeder-free television it was very ordinary indeed.
b. attributive Of or belonging to the Broederbond or Broederbonders.
1972 Sunday Times 24 Sept. 11A cousin of Broeder boss Dr. Andries Treurnicht slapped down the broederbond this week.
1981 E. Prov. Herald 23 Apr. 2Broeder doctors were urged not to send patients to Roman Catholic hospitals.
1984 E. Prov. Herald 11 June 7The town council is..divided down the middle in what amounts to a ‘Broeder’ split.
4. figurative. rare. An Afrikaner; boet sense 4. See also Afrikaner sense 2 a.
1975 Sunday Times 27 July 20The Voortrekker spirit flickered in the north this week...A dim memory..of the time when protest ran strongly in the veins, and broeder thumped broeder with a point of principle.
a brother.
A term of address or reference to a fellow member of a religious community or congregation.
Short for Broederbonder; occasionally also used as a title.
Of or belonging to the Broederbond or Broederbonders.
An Afrikaner; boet sense 4.
Hence broederskap  /ˈbrudə(r)skap/ noun [Afrikaans -skap -hood, -ship], brotherhood, comradeship; membership of the Broederbond (sense 1).
1979 Voice 4 Mar.In a flash of broederskap Gerry is reported as saying Kallie can sommer stay in the same hotel as his opponent, John Tate. Tate is Black.
1988 K. De Boer in Frontline May 38Scarcely had this been achieved and broederskap restored (if we are to believe the Press), than a new problem arose surrounding the collection of short stories.
1989 Hogarth in Sunday Times 3 Dec. 26It seems that Mr Wynand Malan’s membership of the Broederbond came up for discussion at a recent conclave of DP leaders. One wonders..whether his broederskap really still needs to cause such alarm.
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