British Indian, noun phrase

Obsolete except in historical contexts Especially during the years 1902–1910: one of Indian or Pakistani descent, resident in South Africa but claiming the protection due to a British subject.
1904 Indian Opinion in Bhana & Pachai Documentary Hist. of Indian S. Africans (1984) 96In spite of nearly two years of British rule, the Orange River Colony remains closed against British Indians, no matter what position they may occupy.
1906 Indian Opinion 15 Sept. 657The following is the text of the cablegram sent to the Viceroy of India:- British Indians alarmed at Asiatic Ordinance passing through Legislative Council Transvaal Ordinance degrading insulting reduces Indians to worse status than that of pariahs.
1909 J.J. Doke M.K. Gandhi 56The work of British Indians on the battle-fields of South Africa, has received some recognition. Their dead have been honoured.
1912 The Jrnl 31 Oct. 4The ‘Volkstem’..says it is an open secret that the object of Mr. Gokhale’s visit is to obtain on behalf of British Indians certain privileges which South Africa has meant to deny to all Asiatics without distinction.
1917 S.T. Plaatje Native Life 26Violent laws like the Immigration Law (against British Indians and alien Asiatics) and the Natives’ Land [Act] were indecently hurried through Parliament to allay the susceptibilities of ‘Free’ State Republicans.
1926 M. Nathan S. Afr. from Within 117The British Indians,..led by Mr M.K. Gandhi, led a powerful agitation against the registration statute, and a ‘passive resistance’ movement was inaugurated, which ultimately assumed large proportions.
[1946 V. Wetherell Indian Question 9The treatment of Britain’s Indians had been one of the complaints against the old Transvaal Government. Surely their lot would improve now they are Britain’s own?]
1951 Off. Yr Bk of Union No. 25, 1949 (Union Office of Census & Statistics) 1109At the Imperial Conference held in 1921..a resolution was passed which..expressed the opinion that in the interests of the solidarity of the British Commonwealth it was desirable that the rights of British Indians to citizenship should be recognized.
1976 B. Pillay Brit. Indians in Tvl 1885–1906 p.xiWhy then is the history of British Indians in the South African Republic, better known as the Transvaal, somewhat different from that of overseas Indians elsewhere in the empire?
one of Indian or Pakistani descent, resident in South Africa but claiming the protection due to a British subject.
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