bricate, noun

bracket, bricadeShow more Also bracket, bricade, briekade.
IsicamthoShow more Isicamtho; ultimate origin unknown.
‘Friend’, ‘mate’, ‘buddy’, ‘pal’, used informally or familiarly:
a. As a term of address. Cf. bra sense 2 b.
1963 B. Modisane Blame Me on Hist. (1986) 57‘Heit, bricade’, he said, ‘this is my cheerie; take a walk, friend, this cheerie is a rubberneck.’
b. As a term of reference. Cf. bra sense 2 a.
1966 K.M.C. Motsisi in Drum 30 Jan.They (the ghost squad) are always asking for the fare for a nip of port from each of the guys they meet in the street and which guy happens to be their ‘bricate’.
1974 Quinton in Drum 22 Sept. 10If you beat him, he goes to fetch his brackets, and you get a hiding.
As a term of address.
As a term of reference.
Hence bricateskap /-skap/ noun [Afrikaans -skap -ship], friendship.
1978 M. Mutloatse Casey & Co.Thank-u to Bra Stan for your briekadeskap & warmth.
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