brandewyn, noun

brandy-wijn, brandywynShow more Also brandy-wijn, brandywyn, brannewyn.
Afrikaans, DutchShow more Afrikaans, from Dutch brandewijn, brande, gebrande distilled + wijn wine.
1. Brandy; brandywine; also called Cape brandy. Also attributive.
1806 J. Barrow Trav. I. 384The bruised grapes, the undergrowings, the stalks and expressed husks, with the lees or dregs of the new wine, are thrown together into larger vessels...From trash like this is most of the ardent spirit manufactured which is sold in the Cape under the name Brandewyn.
1835 T. Pringle in F.C. Metrowich Valiant but Once (1956) 74They produced their provisions for supper, consisting chiefly of dried bullock’s flesh, which they seasoned with a moderate zoppjé, or dram, of colonial brandewyn, from a huge horn slung by each man in his wagon beside his powder-flask.
1838 A.G. Bain Jrnls (1949) 196’Snt half so good as Brandywyn.
1844 J. Backhouse Narr. of Visit 597Few of the Boors in the vicinity, who make Brandewyn, or Cape brandy, will sell it to the Hottentots.
1850 T. Baines in S. Stander tr. of A.P. Brink’s Brandy in S. Afr. (1973) 101In consideration for this kindness Mynheer requested a zoupie brandewyn for himself and friends.
1920 R. Juta Tavern 21We stole some of de Baases brandy-wijn, a drink a lort from de brandy-wijn and orl de morning we go be in the sun.
1937 F.B. Young They Seek a Country 413One or two of the men rode over to pay their respects and drink a cup of tea-water or a brandewyn soopie.
1959 J. Packer High Roof 62Bok watched her hurry away with the catch-me-charlie waggle that went to his head like brandywyn. What a girl!
1974 G. Jenkins Bridge of Magpies 43He’ll live to be a hundred. No women, no brannewyn.
1980 Capetonian Jan. 26Die master en die merrem come home unexpected from die airport en found me en my friends jolling in hul living room en drinking hul bes’ brandewyn.
1983 T. McAllen Kyk DaarHe immediately made a detour to the nearest Bottle Store to acquire a half-jack of brandewyn.
1990 C. Leonard in Sunday Times 2 Nov. 28For the past 40 years Bapsfontein..has been synonymous with country and western, with braaivleis, sunnyskies and brandewyn.
2. combination
brandewynbos /-ˌbɔs/ [Afrikaans, earlier South African Dutch brandewynbosch), bosch bush], the moretlwa, Grewia flava;
||brandewyn ketel /-ˈkɪətəl/ [Afrikaans (from Dutch) ketel kettle], a copper still, used for brandy distillation. See also kettle.
1822 W.J. Burchell Trav. I. 364They (sc. Hottentots) are fond of brandy, but their distance from the Colony prevents their being gratified to the extent of the wishes or means. An attempt at distilling a spirit from the berries of, what they therefore call, the Brandewyn-bosch (Brandy-bush) had succeeded.
1966 C.A. Smith Common Names 176Brandewynbos,..The vernacular name is derived from the use of the fruits in distilling a liquor or an inferior brandy (Afr.: brandewyn).
1937 C.R. Prance Tante Rebella’s Saga 137He had relied too much on his ‘brandewyn-ketel’ (his private still) for the brewing of peach-brandy, potato-gin, and ‘mampoer’ from the wild fruits of the bush, and now that was getting dangerous.
1955 L.G. Green Karoo 105Later the liquid mos is passed into the old brandewynketel or still, made to very much the same pattern as those used by Tennessee ‘moonshiners.’
Brandy; brandywine; also called Cape brandy. Also attributive.
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