braaivleis, noun

AfrikaansShow more Afrikaans, shortened form of braaivleisaand (see braaivleisaand).
1. braai noun sense 1 a. Also attributive.
1939 A.W. Wells S. Afr.: Planned Tour 410Some Afrikaans words are used in English conversation, e.g...braaivleis.
1950 H. Gibbs Twilight in S. Afr. 155A braaivleis, the Afrikaner open-air party where chops and sausages are cooked over an open wood fire — similar to the American barbecue — is a feature of summer evenings.
1958 R.E. Lighton Out of Strong 3Everyone..gathered later at the farm for..the great braaivleis when boerewors and meat were roasted over pits of glowing redwood.
c1965 State of S. Afr. 1965 107At outspan fresh meat was grilled on an open fire, known as braaivleis; but this word is now used for festive occasions and even for official functions held out of doors when meat is grilled over the open fire.
1968 P. Sauer in D.J. Opperman Spirit of Vine 353A dinner-jacket at a braaivleis would look as ridiculous as casual clothes at a formal reception.
1971 Daily Dispatch 6 Feb. 8In the smoke control regulations planned for the Johannesburg municipal area, residents will be permitted to have braaivleises in their gardens.
1975 Darling 1 Oct. 30The main advantage of a braaivleis is that the South African male actually regards it as his privilege to cook the meat.
1986 Vula July 39Bullets, teargas and sjamboks, pangas and necklaces..those icons of our own insanely vicious society..are as deeply a part of us, of our precious ‘way of life’ and ‘culture’, as braaivleises and Chevrolets.
1990 R. Malan My Traitor’s Heart 107You must understand that a braaivleis is no mere barbecue. It is a profound cultural ritual.
2. noncount. braai noun sense 3.
1943 Weekend News & Sunday Mag. 20 Mar. 4Er Gooie Afrikaans Bankwet wid such tings to eat as lekker sosaartjes, boerewors, braaivleis, vetkoekies, etsettera, etsettera.
1966 F.G. Butler S. of Zambesi 20Opened last month by our M.P.C. with a speets on nashonil prowgriss followed by braaivleis and brandy.
1977 P.C. Venter Soweto 97Have a friendly chat, share a few jokes. Braaivleis and porridge will be served at no extra cost.
1981 E. Prov. Herald 30 Apr. 3At lunchtime the enticing aroma of braaivleis, curry and frikkadels hung in the air.
1986 S. Afr. Panorama Feb. 16Bacon and eggs, fried onions and tomatoes and delicious bread rolls, or pap and braaivleis — who could ask for anything more!
braainoun1 a. Also attributive.
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