boykie, noun

Also booitjie, boytjie.
English, AfrikaansShow more English boy + Afrikaans suffix -ie.
1. A boy or young man; a ‘whizz-kid’ or ‘wonder-boy’; an affectionate term for a man of any age.
1974 A.P. Brink Looking on Darkness 222You Cape boytjies are softies. But we’ll get you right, don’t worry.
1979 P.-D. Uys in Darling 11 July 81This little newspaper boytjie who I’ve known for years...I said ‘How are you?’ ‘No,’ he said, ‘I’m alright.’
1981 E. Prov. Herald 30 Apr. 3[Vaalwater] boys have narrower shoulders..because there is no swimming bath in their town’, a woman complained...This, she said, was why the Vaalwater ‘booitjies’ couldn’t do push-ups.
1983 Financial Mail 29 July 29Frankly, there are going to be those in the business community who will wonder after all this shooting from the hip talk about the ‘boykie from Brits’.
1983 T. Baron in Frontline Sept. 51In the long run, I’d back him against the smartest business boykies you can find: sharp lawyers from New York, Greek tycoons with tankers, Army quartermasters.
1987 Pace May 4This guy has changed his name. He is using the name of his South African boss. What a boytjie.
1987 Sunday Times 21 June (Mag. Sect.) 60Me fly a Lear jet? Wouldn’t I be just one macho boykie, the most macho boykie around!
1988 G. Silber in Style Dec. 30Looking as self-conscious as a Barmitzvah boykie and talking in an accent as flat as a matzo cracker.
1990 Sunday Times 11 Feb. 9First in line to accept the challenge was Klerksdorp-trained ‘boykie’ and talk show host John Berks.
1990 C. Green on TV1, 1 June (Cyril Green Show)Gerhard Smith, the boykie that I work with, the co-producer.
1994 R. Malan in Sidelines Dec. 29Testosterone-crazed boykies from the VV and AWB.
2. boy sense 1 a.
1978 Het Suid-Western 2 Aug.The days when you glibly talked about ‘kaffirs’ and ‘hotnots’ are over in South Africa. The same goes for ‘boytjie’, ‘the girl’ when you mean your domestic..and all the rest of those derogatory appellations.
1986 S. Sepamla Third Generation 128‘You will have to speak the truth, boykie! Hear me?’ Solly remained quiet not knowing what to say.
A boy or young man; a ‘whizz-kid’ or ‘wonder-boy’; an affectionate term for a man of any age.
boy1 a.
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