boom, verb intransitive

English, Afrikaans, Show more English; or from Afrikaans brom, sometimes represented as broom in English, see brom verb.
brom verb sense 1. Hence booming verbal noun.
1897 S.C. Cronwright-Schreiner in F. Goldie Ostrich Country (1968) 17When the breeding season approaches one will hear the cock bird ‘booming’ like the roar of a lion.
1912 S. Afr. Agric. Jrnl Jan. 24 (Pettman)In the characteristic bromming or booming of the cock during the pairing season, the neck becomes greatly inflated by the filling of the foodpipe with air.
1987 O. Prozesky Wrath of Lamb p.iiBy day the cock-ostrich boomed low to the hen he was courting.
bromverb1. Hence boomingverbal noun.
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