bond, noun1

Shortened form of mortgage bond.
The usual term for a mortgage. Also attributive. See also kustingbrief.
Used also in Scottish English.
1827 Reports of Commissioners upon Finances at Cape of G.H. II. 103The bank was authorized from these sources to discount at six per cent per annum the vendue rolls,..and private bonds called ‘kustings’.
1904 Argus Christmas Annual (Competitions Sect.) p.viiMoney was borrowed, and when the building was finished the family were soon domiciled therein, it being found that the interest on the ‘Bond,’ as the mortgage was called, amounted to less than a rent would be.
1944 G. Denoon in S. Afr. Law Jrnl 287In 1823 transfer and bond forms were translated into English...As no exact equivalent for kustingbrief was found in English, the translated kustingbrief forms were also headed ‘Mortgage Bond’.
1992 A. Hogge on Radio South Africa 14 May (Radio Today)That would suggest a drop in interest across the board — including our bond rates?
1992 Sunday Times 16 Aug. (Business Times) 1Others will use the spare cash off their bonds faster.
1992 Weekly Mail 4 Sept. 6Ducking any questions on the bond boycott, the Association of Mortgage Lenders would say only that a meeting was to be held today.
1993 E.M. Joyce Informant, Port ElizabethSold his house on Show House on Sun[day] for the R162,000...Hope it all goes off without a hitch as the house buyer must get a Bond but only for approx. R90,000. It will be pos[sib]ly end May before he gives occupation.
1994 Style Oct. 22My investment wardrobe..cost me marginally less than the bond on my home.
1994 Style Oct. 31An abnormally huge monthly bond repayment on the triple-storey building.
The usual term for a mortgage. Also attributive.
Hence bond transitive verb, to mortgage (a property); also passive, and transferred sense (of the mortgagor).
1937 C.R. Prance Tante Rebella’s Saga 124Those golden days of backveld trade are gone. The Land Bank took over most of the old bonds, and the new settler is for the most part bonded up to his neck from the start.
1960 J. Cope Tame Ox 26The farm was already bonded, but the lawyer Kalk gave Nico credit to put up a wind-pump and buy sheep.
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