Boeress, noun

EnglishShow more Boer sense 2 + English feminine suffix -ess.
A Boer woman.
1852 D. Livingstone in I. Schapera S. Afr. Papers (1974) 53I feel grumpy when I think of a big fat Boeress lying on my sofa and drinking coffee out of my wife’s coffeepot.
1881 E. London Dispatch & Frontier Advertiser 12 Jan. 2It is also now stated that the Boeresses in the Transvaal have declared their intention to cut the throat of any Englishman they have the chance of attacking. The vrouws are really very wanting in the usages of polite ‘Africander’ life.
1965 D. Rooke Diamond Jo 37She was laughing. ‘I’m not a stupid Boeress to be taken in by you.’
1974 D. Rooke Margaretha de la Porte 272On the afternoon of February 19th 1896 I saw the strangled body of a Boeress’s slave.
A Boer woman.

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