Boerdom, noun

EnglishShow more Boer sense 2 + English abstract suffix of state -dom.
Boers collectively, especially in a nationalistic or political sense. See also Afrikanerdom sense 1.
1869 E. Prov. Herald in F.A. van Jaarsveld Awakening of Afrikaner Nationalism (1961) 66Boerdom is down just now, and it must accept the situation. It is clearly understood that both the Free State and Transvaal can exist only on sufferance.
1873 F. Boyle To Cape for Diamonds 32In 1835..the bolder spirits of Boerdom, impatient of a hated rule, conceived the adventurous project of escaping from it across the Orange River.
1882 C. Du Val With Show through Sn Afr. II. 145Breathless narrations of their hair-breadth escapes in attempting to run the gauntlet of encircling Boerdom.
1884 Pall Mall Gaz. (U.K.) 15 Oct. 6Boerdom develops faster than British progress.
1888 Cape Punch 8 Feb. 69The unholy alliance between Brandy, Brass, and Boerdom.
1901 Grocott’s Penny Mail 9 Jan. 3His thorough knowledge of Krugerism, Bondism and Boerdom generally, and of the mischievous potentialities of the Steytler-Sauer-&-Cronwright-Schreiner gang, make him the man of the hour.
1903 E.F. Knight S. Afr. after War 281Repeatedly I hear expressions of regret the Mr. Chamberlain was not taken through these beautiful rich vales of the granary of the Transvaal, the heart of Boerdom and cradle of ‘Dopperdom,’ instead of across the treeless, desolate, high veldt that lies between Potchefstroom and Mafeking.
1911 Blackburn & Caddell Secret Service 12The tragedy..had filled Boerdom with horror.
1924 L. Cohen Reminisc. of Jhb. 45Rotten eggs have played a conspicuous and revolutionary part in the early history of the Rand. An unwholesome ovum had much to do with the downfall of Boerdom.
1941 C.W. De Kiewiet Hist. of S. Afr. 125His successor, President F.W. Reitz, believed that all Boerdom should stand united against the British paramount power.
Boers collectively, especially in a nationalistic or political sense.
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