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boedelhouder, noun

Also boedelhouer.
Dutch, AfrikaansShow more Dutch, boedel estate + houder holder. (The modern Afrikaans form is boedelhouer.)
see quotation 1960. See also community of property.
1833 Ordinance 105 in Stat. Law of Cape of G.H. (1862) 290The predeceasing spouse shall by will or other lawful instrument have appointed the tutor of his or her minor children and the administrator (boedelhouder) of the joint estate of such spouses during the minority of such children.
1977 Friend 2 June (Suppl.) 3aHow do you like the expressive term Boedelhouder — the survivor of persons married in community of property?
see quotation 1960.
Hence boedelhouderschap /-skap/ noun [Dutch, -schap state of being, ‘-ship’], continued community of property between the survivor of a joint estate and any minor children.
1833 in Stat. Law of Cape of G.H. (1862) 293The administration by the survivor of two spouses during the minority of the children of the predeceased spouse (boedelhouderschap).
1980 M.M. Corbett et al. Law of Succession 460Continued community of property (voortgezette gemeenschap, boedelhouderschap) may be established by antenuptial contract,..by mutual will or by the separate will of the first-dying...Division of the community between the surviving spouse and the children takes place when the youngest child reaches majority.

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