blinkhaar, noun2

Also with initial capital.
AfrikaansShow more Afrikaans, blink glossy + haar hair.
A silky-haired Ronderib sheep. Also attributive.
Considered by some to be the true Ronderib sheep, those without silky hair being seen as not bred to type.
a1878 J. Montgomery Reminisc. (1981) 110Some of the farmers from the New Hantam arrived on their way to Graham’s town...I persuaded them not to continue their journey, as the Kafirs had broken out...They stayed, and I became the purchaser of the whole of their produce, and 400 blinkhaar ewes at Rds. 2 each.
1968 G. Croudace Black Rose 78Your indigenous flocks, your fat-tailed blinkhaar Afrikanders.
A silky-haired Ronderib sheep. Also attributive.

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