blinkblaar-wag-’n-bietjie, noun

AfrikaansShow more Afrikaans, see blinkblaar and wag-’n-bietjie.
The buffalo thorn (see buffalo sense 2), Ziziphus mucronata.
1951 N.L. King Tree-Planting 72Zizyphus mucronata (Blinkblaar Wag-’n-bietjie), A small, bushy tree armed with strong recurved thorns.
1970 M.R. Levyns in Std Encycl. of Sn Afr. II. 364Blinkblaar-Wag-’n-bietjie,..(Ziziphus mucronata.) Tall shrub or tree of the family Rhamnaceae, having dark green, glossy leaves. The stipules develop into sharp thorns — one straight, the other recurved, which make sudden contact with the species an unpleasant experience — hence the name ‘wag-’n-bietjie’ (Afrikaans for ‘wait a bit’) and the English vernacular name sometimes used: ‘come-and-I’ll-kiss-you’.
The buffalo thornbuffalo2, Ziziphus mucronata.
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