blikskottel, noun

AfrikaansShow more Afrikaans, blik tin + skottel dish.
1. rare. A tin basin. Cf. skottel sense 1.
1958 A. Jackson Trader on Veld 46On his return he prepared them for a great surprise, and gathering the family in his rondavel, called for a ‘blikskottel’ (tin basin).
2. slang. An abusive form of address:
a. A euphemism for bliksem noun sense b.
1959 A. Delius Last Division 74Where have you come from, you villain! You bloody old bastard, Blikskottel, Hotnot!
1975 S. Roberts Outside Life’s Feast 58I had to send him to clean himself and had to maar start the breakfast myself. I said listen here you blikskottel if you do this again you’re out.
b. An expletive expressing disgust or anger.
1973 J. Cope Alley Cat 30Blikskottel! She’s got to have sense knocked into her foken head, sooner the better.
A tin basin.
A euphemism for bliksemnounb.
An expletive expressing disgust or anger.
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