blesmol, noun

Formerly also bleesmol, bles-moll.
blesmolle /ˈblesmɔlə/.
South African DutchShow more South African Dutch, bles blaze + mol mole.
Any of several species of molerat of the Bathyergidae, characterized by white markings on the face and head, especially a. the Cape molerat (see molerat sense 2), Georychus capensis; and b. the sand-mole, Bathyergus suillus. In both senses also called bles-mole. Cf. golden mole.
[1776 F. Masson in Phil. Trans. of Royal Soc. LXVI. 305There is another species of the animal, called by the Dutch Bles-moll, which inhabits the hard ground; but seldom exceeds the size of the common European mole.]
1786 G. Forster tr. of A. Sparrman’s Voy. to Cape of G.H. II. 195The one sort [of mole] most common round about the Cape; and from the white spots on its head is called bleesmol, and is the mus Capensis of Messrs. Pennant, Schreber, and Pallas.
1795 C.R. Hopson tr. of C.P. Thunberg’s Trav. I. 263The second, called the Blaze-fronted Mole (Bles Moll, Marmota Capensis), is smaller, and white with brown spots.
1901 W.L. Sclater Mammals of S. Afr. II. 74Georychus capensis,..Mus capensis..Bathyergus capensis..Georychus capensis...Thunberg..described [it] as Marmota capensis...Vernacular name..Blesmol of Dutch colonists.
1901 W.L. Sclater Mammals of S. Afr. II. 75The blesmol is found both in the uncultivated, sandy districts and also in cultivated grounds and gardens, where it burrows [in] much the same fashion as the sand-mole, throwing up heaps of earth at intervals.
1918 S.H. Skaife Animal Life in S. Afr. 256The blesmol is about half the size of the sand-mole, brown in colour, and there is a white patch on the front of its head that gives it its name.
1939 S.H. Skaife S. Afr. Nature Notes 167There are several different species of mole-rats, from the large the smaller brown and white mole-rats of our gardens and the blesmol.
1967 E. Rosenthal Encycl. of Sn Afr. 64Although regarded as a curse by the farmers, it (sc. the blesmol) does at least usefully break up hard ground. Allied to the Blesmol is the wholly grey Mole Rat.
1990 [see Cape mole-rat molerat sense 2].
the Cape moleratmolerat2, Georychus capensis; and
the sand-mole, Bathyergus suillus. In both senses also called bles-mole.
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