baroe, barroe, noun

baroo, barouShow more Also baroo, barou, barup.
a. Any of several species of the plant Cyphia of the Campanulaceae, with an edible, tuberous rootstock.
1795 C.R. Hopson tr. of C.P. Thunberg’s Trav. II. 102Besides the above-mentioned plant called Kon or Gunna, they use two others, viz. one called Kamekà, or Barup, which is said to be a large and watery root; and another called Ku, which is likewise, according to report, a large and succulent root.
1913 C. Pettman Africanderisms 48Baroo, Cyphia volubilis. The Hottentot name of this watery bulb, which is much esteemed by them for the moisture which it contains even in seasons of protracted drought.
1924 L.H. Brinkman Glory of Backveld 53The barroe is a bulb the size of a fowl’s egg, full of sweet, delicious milk.
1966 C.A. Smith Common Names 70Bar(r)oe, A modification of a native name for certain species of Cyphia. The tuberous roots have a watery, but pleasantly sweet taste.
1971 L.G. Green Taste of S.-Easter 91A school magazine published years ago..contains practical advice on the veldkos of the Nieuwoudtville district, the baroe and voëlvoet dug out by trekboers, shepherds and schoolboys.
1976 [see kambro].
b. With a distinguishing epithet designating a particular species of baroe:
bergbaroe, see berg sense 1 b ii;
bosbaroe /ˈbɔs-/, and formerly boschbaroe /ˈbɔʃ-/ [Afrikaans, bos, formerly bosch, see bosch], Cyphia sylvatica;
veldbaroe /felt/ [Afrikaans, veld uncultivated countryside], Cyphia undulata.
1893 P. MacOwan in C.A. Smith Common Names 160Bosch Barroe dug up and eaten by school boys.
1966 C.A. Smith Common Names 160Bosbar(r)oe, Cyphia sylvatica...Stem and branches twining. Leaves entire or finely-toothed; flowers solitary, while.
1966 C.A. Smith Common Names 81Veldbar(r)oe, Cyphia undulata...Tuber large, succulent and juicy. Stems slender, twining...Flowers bilabiate, rosy or white, sweetly scented. The species was first recorded by Ecklon (1828)...The vernacular name is derived from the habitat of the plants.
1972 Beeton & Dorner in Eng. Usage in Sn Afr. Vol.3 No.2, 17There are several recognised species: bergbaroe (Cyphia assimilis), (C. bulbosa), bosbaroe (C. phyteuma), (C. sylvatica),..veldbaroe, [etc.].
Any of several species of the plant Cyphia of the Campanulaceae, with an edible, tuberous rootstock.

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