bakkop, noun

AfrikaansShow more Afrikaans, bak bowl + kop head, so named for the shape of its spread hood.
The Cape cobra (see Cape sense 2 a), Naja nivea. Also attributive.
1935 H.C. Bosman Mafeking Rd (1969) 85For a bite from a bakkop or a puff-adder or a ringhals, a sharp knife and permanganate of potash crystals are nearly always efficacious.
1948 H.C. Bosman in L. Abrahams Unto Dust (1963) 32Her eight-year-old daughter had been bitten by a snake; they couldn’t tell from the fang marks if it was a ringhals or a bakkop.
1980 A.J. Blignaut Dead End Rd 50I thought that he was pleased that the Bushman, who was as sly as a bakkop snake, was about to be put in his place.
The Cape cobraCape2 a, Naja nivea. Also attributive.
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