bad friends, plural noun phrase

AfrikaansShow more Calque formed on Afrikaans kwaaivriende (see kwaai sense 1 b).
Enemies; kwaai-vriende, see kwaai sense 1 b.
1952 J. Tunce in Drum Feb. 23We became bad friends with my mother-in-law. She would not allow me in her house.
1972 Radio South Africa 9 Mar.At such moments you forget you’re bad friends. They are bad friends with me.
1987 C. Naidoo in Sunday Times 12 Apr. 21She refused to be named, saying Tzaneen was too small to make bad friends.
1987 Informant, Grahamstown (now Makhanda, Eastern Cape)I don’t know why she wants to be bad friends with me. I’ve got nothing against her.
Enemies; kwaai-vriende, see kwaai sense 1 b.
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