babalaas, noun and & adjective

babalaaz, babalasShow more Also babalaaz, babalas, babalaz, babalazi, babbalaas, babbalas, babbelaas, babbelas, babelaas, bubblejas.
Afrikaans, ZuluShow more Afrikaans, adaptation of Zulu ibhabhalazi.
A. noun
a. A hangover; noncount, the unpleasant after-effects of drinking. Also attributive, and figurative. See also nadors.
1946 in E. Partridge Dict. of Underworld (1950) 15Babbeljas. A hangover: (after a debauch): South Africa. C.20. Letter of May 23, 1946; by 1940, low s. Afrikaans word; lit. ‘bubble-arse’?
1959 L. Longmore Dispossessed 218Regular customers are usually given a free drink on certain occasions in order to remove what is called babalazi (dulling after-effects of carousal or drinking bout).
1970 K.M. Brand Informant, East LondonI’ve got babelaas after the party last night.
1970 J.R. Bennett Informant, KrugersdorpI’ve got a terrible babalas from last night.
1973 Cape Herald 22 Sept. B1The price of a bout at the Bacchanalian altar is still the groggy head, unsteady hand, furred tongue, rubber knees and the floating stomach — the age old ‘babbelas’.
1980 M. Matshoba in M. Mutloatse Forced Landing 111His hands shook violently when he lit and shielded the flame. ‘Ei! Babalaz has me.’
1986 L. Sampson in Style May 103Here at the bottom end of the market, among the rough and tumble of heavy drinkers, of Honey Gold and nips of brandy and skokiaan and Tassies, there is evidence everywhere of people whose lives have been ruined by drink. On Monday morning the atmosphere is fuzzy with babbelas.
1987 P.A. Page in Frontline May 34This time the throbbing babalaas of unqualified democracy, even the obsequious hysteria seems a little fuzzy round the edges.
1991 P. Morris Informant, GouritsmondBubblejus: a hangover.
1992 M-Net TV 9 Nov. (Egoli)I can’t believe it! You girls have got babalaas.
1993 S. Dikeni in House & Leisure Nov. 12Just as the wine helped them praise ‘their’ town, the babalaas blues woke them up penniless and foul-tempered. Woe if you asked them the following day, ‘How’s life in Victoria West?’
b. comb.
babalaasdop /-ˌdɔp/ [Afrikaans, dop a drink, see dop noun sense 3 a.], a drink taken to help a hangover; ‘the hair of the dog’; also called regmaker.
1952 Skappie in Drum Nov. 6Sometimes you are invited for a special meal or your first drink on a Monday morning is ‘on the house’ — often known as a ‘babalaas dop’.
1977 D. Muller Whitey 30The child gravely nodded his head and raised an index finger to those who called his name on their way to the kitchen to buy their morning wine: the old babalaasdop, the hair of the dog.
B. adjective Hung-over; suffering from the effects of a hangover.
1969 A. Fugard Boesman & Lena 14Look at you! Babalas!..from yesterday’s wine. Yesterday you were drunk. One or the other. Your whole life.
1970 M.C. Duffy Informant, DurbanHe was completely babbelas after the party.
1973 Ilanga 10 Nov.For backache, Body pains and that Babbalas feeling!..Pills wash out kidney and bladder. See it working — watch it come out blue.
a1977 K.M.C. Motsisi in M. Mutloatse Casey & Co. (1978) 74‘You keep that babalaas bek of yours shut before I bash it in with this pot,’ ’Ma Tladi had fumed at her husband.
1990 P. Cullinan in M. Leveson Firetalk 10I used to call the roll on Monday mornings...If I thought that a man was too shaky, babelaas — hungover, I would point at him and say ‘Skokiaan’, meaning that he had been at the local firewater.
1991 L. Howard Informant, Port ElizabethI had partaken too much of the local witblitz and woke up feeling baballas.
A hangover; noncount, the unpleasant after-effects of drinking. Also attributive, and figurative.
Hung-over; suffering from the effects of a hangover.
Hence babalaased adjective, hung-over, suffering from a hangover.
1979 N. Motana in Staffrider Vol.2 No.2, 47Lesiba: (Examines Fred) You look babalaazed pal. Fred: Of course! Our host gave us a lot of wine.
1987 N. Mathiane in Frontline Oct.Nov. 33If the bootleggers had not been there, the kids would have run out of stock, slept, woken up babbelaased, and gone home.
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