baasskap, noun

AfrikaansShow more Afrikaans, baas see baas + suffix -skap -ship.
Domination, especially by whites of other groups. Also attributive.
1935 Cape Times 8 Nov. 8Let us focus our attention on the fact that the primary consideration is whether Afrikanerdom will reach its ultimate destiny of bossism (baasskap) in South Africa.
1946 Forum 9 Nov. 27‘Baasskap’..means the perpetual subservience of one individual group to another.
1956 D. Jacobson Dance in Sun 139He has exposed the tenacity and duplicity of my own feelings of white baasskap — my own ‘liberal’ intolerances, my own assertion of where his place should be, and where mine.
1960 A.J. Luthuli in H. Spottiswoode S. Afr.: Rd Ahead 112We should never forget that much of our suffering under baasskap apartheid had its genesis at Union and during the lifetime of the first Union Government under General Botha.
1970 Cape Times 4 JuneThe Progressive Party believes merit should be the criterion by which men are judged; the three baasskap parties believe that criterion should be colour.
1977 Sunday Times 27 Feb. 15One might have to change vocabulary and a few attitudes in public — from ‘baasskap’ to ‘apartheid’ to ‘separate development’; from ‘kaffir’ to ‘native’ to ‘Bantu’ to ‘black’.
1978 Cape Times 11 Apr. 6‘Non-baasskap areas’ plan for SA.
1979 C. Van der Merwe in Frontline Dec. 17Flytalers react to the term tsotsi-taal in more or less the same way one might expect P.W. Botha to react if you told him his policy was Baasskap, or even Apartheid. It’s out, gone, yesteryear’s name, something to be lived down.
1983 C.W. Eglin in Hansard 18 May 7354If the Government’s entrenchment of one-party majoritarianism and White baasskap in South Africa is disturbing and unacceptable,..I find the Government’s cynicism towards the Coloured and Indian people quite appalling.
1989 S. Johnson in Weekly Mail 1 Sept. 7The CP’s blend of baasskap, xenophobia, and concern for the ‘little’ white man is a powerful thing to behold in its natural habitat, which is undeniably expanding.
1990 City Press 11 Feb. 5An inferior type of education, known as Bantu Education, and designed to relegate the Africans to a position of perpetual servitude in a baasskap society.
1992 N. Mandela in Sunday Times 8 Mar. 23The age of lies, disinformation and CCB assassination squads has to be put behind us forever. There can be no revival of the hated pass laws, the Group Areas Act and the obnoxious signs on buses...There can be no going back to baasskap.
Domination, especially by whites of other groups. Also attributive.
Hence (nonce) baasskap transitive verb, baasskapism noun, baasskapize transitive verb, baasskapper noun, baasskappy adjective.
1966 L.G. Berger Where’s Madam 62I get all baaskaapy [sic] and yell at him, ‘Get up man while I’m talking to you. Get up, get up’.
1972 Sunday Times 10 Sept. (Mag. Sect.) 11The majority of the electorate are people who heartily believe in baasskap...Unless a radical change of outlook takes place the Nationalists will continue to rule. Their party is by no means the exclusive home of baasskappers.
1974 Sunday Times 8 Sept. 13The dream of Afrikaner rule — of just over two-million Afrikaners baasskapping it over 20-million other South Africans — is only a temporary one.
1982 Pace Oct. 162The campaign was aimed at the projection of the African personality and the rejection of ‘baaskapism’.
1985 Frontline May 3The Afrikaans ones are left free to baasskapise the black universities while the English-speakers fiddle around in an ivory limbo.
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