ANC, noun2

Also A.N.C.
Initial letters of antenuptial contract.
A popular name for the antenuptial contract.
1970 H.H. Hermans Law my Master 42After marriage, there is no way of changing the marital relationship, unless perhaps after arranging a collusive divorce..followed by a subsequent marriage after execution of an A.N.C.
1976 Darling 22 Dec. 14I purchased all the furniture in our house and when we were married by ANC he undertook to provide furniture to the value of R3 000.
1979 Fair Lady 29 Aug. 15I was married by ante-nuptual [sic] contract, yet my property was never returned to me. What is the value of an ANC if a husband is forcibly able to retain his wife’s property?
1985 Fair Lady 27 Nov. 14Hats off to Mr Justice Johan Kriegler who during a recent divorce case awarded a woman (with an ANC) a share of her husband’s estate on the grounds that she gave him loyal service for 20 years.
1988 L. Tager in Pace Oct. (Queen) 15Parties to a marriage may enter into an ante nuptial contract (ANC). This is a special kind of contract, which has to be concluded before the marriage...The ANC is the mechanism to exclude the husband’s marital power.
A popular name for the antenuptial contract.
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